3 Must Try Social Media Platforms For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs

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In today's time when everyone is on social media, how can entrepreneurs lack behind? Entrepreneurs have founded amazing social media platforms for budding entrepreneurs to help them to grow. These online networks enable entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, find co-founders, connect with investors and get feedback.


Though, there isn't one that does all these things but is there are networks that comes close to.

Here it goes..


Founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi, AngelList offers a platform to entrepreneurs to raise angel funds. It is an interesting social media platform where world meets startup. With the mission to democratize the investment process, the platform allows startups to raise angel funds from investor and that too free of cost. Yes, you read it correct. They don't charge any amount for this. It is a form a directory where you can find all the startups information at one place.


Supporting Startup India Standup India program launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, StartZapp is exclusively for startups to interact and discuss with each other. By using this platform they can also find right investors and connect with other entrepreneurs for mutual benefit.

I know it is pretty new right now, but it covers everything from discussions to discovery, as well as a few startup events.


Isn't it sounding interesting? Jessica Alter founded this amazing social media platform where you can easily find your co-founder, advisors, and team you need to grow your business. By using FounderDating you can build relationships and get real advice from entrepreneurs, startup founders, and company advisors.

I know, after reading this you must be curious to explore these platforms. So what are you waiting for, sign up to these platforms and find your right co-founder.