Social Media

Libraries Then, Twitter Now — The Transformation of Scholarly Communication

How the internet, social media and digital platforms have propelled the scholarly communication landscape.

Instagram Rolls Out New 'Rage Shake' Feature and the Option to Delete an Image From a Carousel

In a video update posted on Twitter, Instagram head Adam Mosseri explains how the new features work.

Amanda Breen

I Interviewed Instagram's 'Money Queen,' But We Didn't Discuss Money At All

Instead, Instagram star Amanda Frances shares her six best pieces of advice for maintaining a large online presence and being a digital course creator.

Take Your Video Campaign to the Next Level: A Starter Guide

From instructional cautionary tales to the essential '6 'E's', how to make your video-marketing efforts sing, and succeed.

Krista Mashore

3 Ways to Repurpose Existing Podcast Content for Maximum Audience Building and Business Growth

When used the right way, blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn will attract podcast listeners, gain momentum, and hopefully lead to sales and business growth.

Chi Odogwu

What 'Squid Game' Can Teach Us About Conversational Entertainment

How Netflix's smash hit (literally and figuratively) marks the ascendance of an entirely new brand of social interaction in media.

Haseeb Tariq

How to Market Yourself on Social Media in 4 Steps

These strategies will help you grow your social media following organically.

Tanveer Zafar

Is the World Becoming Too Cynical for Social Media Influencers?

It might be easier than ever to attain celebrity status, but that has also made influencers less appealing to the public.

A Facebook Marketing Strategy Made Easy: How to Get Clients Online

Find clients on Facebook daily without spending a dime on paid advertising.

Tina Dahmen

Stop Chasing Trends

If you own a small business, you need to stop focusing on trends and plan out a social media strategy.

Scott Miller

The #VetDayPledge: A Simple, No-Cost PR Opportunity for Any Business

The #VetDayPledge unites Americans around the simple message of thanking our veterans for their service.

Josh Weiss

5 Takeaways From a Week on the Wisdom App

The newest networking social-media app is challenging Clubhouse and offering a different approach.