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From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and TikTok, the are unlimited business opportunities on social media. Discover the latest news in social media, here.

Social Media

Free Webinar | January 11: The 2024 Social Media Trends to Get You More Followers & Sell More Products

From emerging trends in content creation to leveraging influencer marketing for maximum impact, our webinar on January 11th will guide you through the key elements that can propel your brand to new heights. Register now!

Business News

Instagram Quietly Introduced a Feature That Allows You to Take Control of 'Shadow-Banned' Content

Here's how to use this new feature to control which content shows up on your feed.

Starting a Business

76% of Teens Say They're 'Likely' to Start a Business — and Many of Them Cite This Polarizing Reason

The next generation is interested in entrepreneurship — but some might question their source of inspiration.

Social Media

Ex-Facebook Exec Admits to Stealing $4 Million from the Company to Fund Her Lavish Lifestyle

Barbara Furlow-Smiles used Meta money for personal expenses, including a $18,000 preschool tuition.

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Social Media

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Social Media

6 Keys to Getting Featured on Local TV News — and How to Leverage Its Power

Consistent TV news features can boost your marketing efforts and position your brand as an industry leader. Securing airtime is mainly dependent on you focusing on local newsworthiness, media relationships and visual storytelling.

Social Media

Navigating Beyond Vanity Metrics — Do Followers, Likes and Comments on Social Media Really Matter?

Brands spend a lot of money chasing vanity metrics on social media, but this doesn't always translate into tangible ROI. Here's what to do about it.

Thought Leaders

Don't Just Babble on LinkedIn — You Need to Carve Out Your Own Niche. Here's Why.

To ultimately unlock the full potential of your LinkedIn experience, you need to establish yourself as a thought leader in a specific niche. This is why (and how).

Social Media

LITT Is Combining VR with Social Media, Fintech, and Ecommerce to Transform How We Interact with the World

It's and all-encompassing platform that aims to chart the future of digital interaction.

Business Ideas

5 Ways SEO Can Help Grow a Mom & Pop Business

From tweaking your Google Business Profile to creating Instagram-able "selfie spaces," how small companies can boost search rankings just like the heavy hitters.

Social Media

How to Get Your Business Noticed (and How to Brag About It)

Knowing how to go after important recognition awards and then leverage them can have a long-term impact on your business.


What's the Best Social Media Influencer Option for Your Business?

The success of an entire marketing campaign involving influencers hinges on the meticulous selection of the right social media blogger. Do you know how to choose the right one?