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4 Smart Strategies for Safeguarding Your Business and Brand Reputation in a Crisis

Here are four effective methods to protect your business and brand reputation after facing public criticism.

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How Being the Middle Child Impacts Your Success in Business and Life

Dr. Brittany McGeehan, a licensed psychologist based in Frisco, Texas, delves into the family dynamics that shape who we become.

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6 Ways to Use Social Media to Strengthen Your Brand in 2024

Whether launching your brand or wanting to refresh your strategy in the first quarter, here are six ways to make social media work for you.

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Side Hustle

The Most Creative Side Hustles We Learned About in 2023

Here are some of our favorite side hustle stories that we reported on last year.


How to Network Like a Pro in 2024

Networking is a personal exercise in sharing your stories and ideas and active listening with a dash of vulnerability.


A Guide to Socially Conscious Posts (And Their Consequences)

What do you want your brand to stand for, and how should you sculpt your messaging in today's highly contentious culture?


7 Things Brands Should Consider Before Collaboring With an Influencer

Influencers of all sizes can help brands meet a new audience in 2024.

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Authorities Didn't Find the Remains of a Missing Man for 10 Years — But a YouTuber Just Solved the Mystery

Human remains were found in connection to the disappearance of Donald Erwin, who went missing in 2013.


8 Pitfalls Small Businesses Must Avoid When It Comes to Marketing Themselves

Small business owners everywhere, take note: Navigating the digital world requires more than just posting content and waiting for magic to happen. Here are the top eight blunders that could be stifling your efforts to capitalize on your marketing technique.

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How (And Why) You Should Acquire New Skill Sets During The Slower Winter Months

For those looking to embark on the journey of acquiring new skill sets during the slower pace that winter months often offer, let's delve into five unique avenues to discover inspiration for skill sets that can benefit your life and career in the near future.

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Popular YouTuber Banned By Airline After Calling It 'Outdated' and 'Dirty' in a Scathing Review

YouTuber Josh Cahill has more than 650,000 subscribers on the platform.


How to Establish a Distinct Brand Identity in a Saturated Market

My top tips for creating a unique brand that stands out amongst competitors.

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5 Simple SEO Methods That Produce Major Traffic for Small Businesses

Every company wants to be on the first page of a Google search. These are the proven techniques for climbing the ranks.

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Modern Media, the Internet and Jury Duty — Is it Possible to Have a Fair Trial?

Is it naive to think there's a chance for impartiality when picking jurors?