Christie Horsman

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
VP of Marketing

Christie Horsman is the VP of Marketing at Thinkific, a software platform that enables entrepreneurs to create, market, sell, and deliver their own online courses.

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5 Ways Solopreneurs Can Scale Their Business Through Collaboration

Our culture loves to perpetuate the myth that entrepreneurs must go it alone. But for many, the path to success is found in collaboration.

Social Media

Tired of Trolls? Here's Why Creators and Businesses Are Doubling Down on Private Online Communities.

As public online spaces deteriorate, finding new ways to build authentic community is becoming more important than ever.


Fall Is a Stressful Time of the Year for Working Parents — Here's How Employers Can Help

Parents face a tough juggle when it comes to work and kids' school schedules. Empathetic employer policies can ease the stress — and benefit everyone.


4 formas en que los creadores están revolucionando el marketing, y cómo las grandes marcas pueden beneficiarse

Con su capacidad única para conectarse genuinamente con las audiencias, los creadores de contenido han generado estrategias de marketing de nicho que difieren radicalmente de los enfoques tradicionales. Es hora de que las grandes marcas se den cuenta.


4 Ways Creators Are Revolutionizing Marketing — and How Big Brands Can Benefit

With their unique ability to genuinely connect with audiences, creators have carved out niche marketing strategies that radically differ from traditional approaches. It's time big brands take notice.

Growing a Business

Want Loyal Customers? Teach Them Something New — Here's How Customer Education Programs Elevate Your Business

Many businesses think they can't afford to invest in customer ed programs, the truth is, they can't afford not to. Here's why.

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