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How Robotic and Technology are Helping the Education Sector Are you willing to be a part of the process and be the change that aims at building a smart India that is technologically sound and efficient?

By Pankaj Singh

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Education is the building block of society. While in the early days, education setup was all about a tree, chalk and slate with the change in time, it has revamped into a luxury space that includes everything that reduces human effort in terms of learning. Today, more than anything else, the entire focus is shifting towards innovation, creativity, technical advancement. Education is not just limited to educate someone rather it has become a practice to innovate and the formal education system is reaching a new level.

Boon or Bane

In this league of innovations, "Robotics' has been a boom that has brought in a lot of change in the education sector. According to educationists, it is a great way to provide children and students a more efficient technological education.

In fact, it has the ability to teach people of all age groups. If market players are to be believed robots have become a popular educational tool in some middle and high schools, raising interest in programming, artificial intelligence and robotics among students.

Robotics and Kids

The entire system of robotics has been designed to be easy and safe for the children to operate and learn. It is so simple that kids with no programming skills can operate it and make the best of it in no time. What was earlier restricted to companies and laboratories, is now a boon for people of young age that nourishes their mind in the most efficient manner with no technical side effects.

Educational robotics can be a useful tool in early and special education. It can help to develop abilities that promote integration into society. Social and personal skills can also be developed through educational robotics.

Impact on Formal Education

This innovation has brought a major impact on the formal education setup of the country. On one hand, it has brought a lot of opportunities to learn experiment and promote different approaches to learning. On the other hand, it has resulted in the less mental exercise of the human mind, which is considered essential for holistic growth.

On the brighter side, it allows an individual to learn at a fast pace and keep up with the fast growth rate of innovation. Here also motivation is the key to explore and create new ideas so that through robotics learning it feels real and you can see the result, instead of virtual learning. It has been proven that this way of learning makes technology and programming more fun. As a result, it generates interest among students and attracts a major section of young minds towards it, which are willing to go further and learn more things by themselves.

With the continuous advancement in the technologies and robotics, people are now considering to take this field to a new level of education for the upcoming generation. The on-going improvement in technologies and robotics aims at taking robotics towards high levels of education for the upcoming generations so that the new generation will progress at different levels with proper guidance and support.

The upcoming generation is the generation of quick learners because the education system is becoming more and more innovative, teaching criteria has shifted from theoretical to practical learning. This is the reason why today's generation is highly innovative and grasps new technologies very easily and can take it to a different level.

Institutions and Robotics

Interestingly, schools and other educational setups are showing interest in it and are willing to provide classes and teaching sessions on technology, in order to train the students and teachers as well. In metropolitan areas and even in small cities, schools and coaching institutions are conducting seminars, exhibitions and also asking children to innovate new ideas. Robotics is now becoming a part of the mainstream education process, with its potential to change societies through its impact on pre-existing economic and social structures. Experts feel that it's the future of the Indian education system that is here to inspire, educate and aware people in a smarter way.

So, are you willing to be a part of the process and be the change that aims at building a smart India that is technologically sound and efficient? The most interesting part of the entire process is how it amalgamates the old school lessons with technological intricacies and makes it simpler for the young minds to learn, grasp and implement in daily life.

Pankaj Singh

Managing Director, Jalsa ventures Pvt. Ltd. (Cambridge Montessori Pre-School)

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