Mobile Recruitment App Is Here To Connect Job Seekers With Headhunters

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Today, you have access to the whole whole world if you own a smartphone. India has witnessed an exponential growth in the smartphone market, making mobile phones an absolute necessity. A recent study by Pew Research Centre states that 44 per cent of people go to sleep with their mobile handsets next to their bed, as they do not wish to miss out any update, call or even message.


With the recent advancement in mobile technology, it is not surprising to witness more than 75 per cent of jobseekers searching for employment opportunities on their mobile handsets. It is the most convenient and easiest mode of communication. Unfortunately, a lot of companies are still not taking proper advantage of this technological boon.

Recruitment is an important process for any company, be it a corporate or a start-up. You cannot afford to work single-handedly. To recruit the right team member is a challenging task. Yet, companies are still following the traditional hiring methods. Very few job sites or recruitment portals are optimized for mobile and even fewer have the mobile app.

Smartphones and mobile devices are a blessing in the present scenario. They ease communication process irrespective of your location and encourage a simpler mode of communication and connectivity.

Another advantageous feature of a mobile phone is its front camera. It allows you to video chat, a very convenient mode of communication that saves the hassles of waiting for long hours for a response to an email or a message. This also rules out the chances of fraudulence to a great extent.

Companies can select their candidates through mobile recruitment app, conducting video-calls and video-conferences with them. It also allows companies to provide job seekers information on their available vacancies.

Mobile recruitment applications enable companies to hunt and reach out to candidates in far off places in much lesser time without any hurdle or hassle. The entire hiring procedure can be conducted through live-video interview. The application can be beneficial in more ways than one. It speeds up the screening process, has wide search facilities and can scrutinize a candidate verbally and by mere observation. Hiring companies can record the interview for future purpose. Candidates can take tests through this innovative app.

A mobile recruitment application can be downloaded free of cost, so it saves companies as well as individuals a lot of unnecessary expenses.

With options available for live video interview, candidates and companies can connect sans any barrier. It is time and cost-effective and, most importantly, it reduces fraudulence.