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Learn What Makes an Investor Tick at E LIVE x India Investment Forum in Mumbai

Staying true to the vision and working towards nurturing the India's economy, Entrepreneur India is set to host E LIVE x India Investment Forum on 20th November in Trident BKC, Mumbai


Predictions for the Startup Ecosystem for the Second Half of 2023

The Indian economy is expected to grow at 5-6%, possibly the only major economy with these growth rates.

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Indian Economy To Grow At 7% In 2023, Says Finance Ministry

As per the ministry, macroeconomic stability is likely to receive a further boost in FY23 as the current account deficit is set to narrow from the year-beginning estimates

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Growth In Industrial And Warehousing Sector: Transforming India's Economy

Infrastructure has always been a key enabler to transform the economic situation of countries across the globe

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India's GDP Growth Slows To 6.3 Per Cent In July-September Quarter

The chief economic advisor V Anantha Nageswaran, on Wednesday, has said that the Indian economy is on track to achieve a 6.8 to 7 per cent GDP growth in the current fiscal


India Decoupling: Myth Or Reality?

Decoupling is a voyage and the Indian ship has definitely sailed but are we there yet? The answer is no. Will we get there? Obviously yes

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India Will Achieve $2 Trillion Export Target By 2030, Says Piyush Goyal

Goyal also said that India will become a $30 trillion economy with 25 per cent share in exports by 2047

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India Is Doing Better In Economic Growth While Others Are Slowing Down: IMF

IMF on Tuesday, in its World Economic Outlook projected a growth rate of 6.8 per cent in 2022 as compared to 8.7 per cent in 2021 for India

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India's Export Declined By 3.52 Per Cent In September: Ministry Of Commerce Report

The report also added that the trade deficit during the first six months of the fiscal has widened to $149.47 billion

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India Enters Top 40 Economies In Global Innovation Index

The country also ranked top in the list of 10 economies in central and South Asia

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India Has Fairly Large Forex Reserve To Tide Over Current Currency Market Situation, Says Ajay Seth

The economic affairs secretary said that the concerns over the reserves were overblown

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What's Stopping You From Investing? Nirmala Sitharaman To Indian Industries

The finance minister raised this concern when foreign companies had shown interest in coming to India and vowed to provide every possible support

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Inflation Management Cannot Be Singularly Left To RBI, Says Nirmala Sitharaman

The finance minister said that the word 'taming inflation' or the word 'keeping it within the tolerance limit', is an exercise of so many different activities and a majority of which is outside the monetary policy in today's circumstances

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India To Become Third-Largest Economy By 2029, Says SBI Report

The report also said that India should surpass Germany in 2027 and most likely Japan by 2029 at a current rate of growth

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Web3 Is A Chance For India To Build And Dominate World

Reports say that Web3 will help India contribute $1.1trillion to its GDP in the next 11 years