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Growth Strategies

"Not Just Government, But Private Sector as Well Will Determine Growth of Startups"

Niraj Shah, Co-National Director, BNI India, talks about how the last decade's entrepreneurial ecosystem


Why Cambridge-Based Onshape Sees Value In The "Make In India" Initiative

We are looking to hire people who are generally entrepreneurial by nature

News and Trends

Now Speak in Hindi to your Google Maps

Google Maps now offers Hindi turn by turn instructions and accepts voice commands in Hindi as well


Can I Make In India?

For a while, let's keep the government's effort aside and talk a little from the perspective of individuals who seeks to understand their contribution to the revolution.


Will Ramesh Abhishek Maintain Momentum?

Ramesh Abhishek is on a mission by Modi government to execute startup India and Make in India - would it work?


CREO mark 1– average hardware, possibly great personalized software

Another smartphone launch in India, but this one promises latest software upgrades every month

News and Trends

Modi Govt Proposes Bill for Possible End of GPS Maps including Google Maps, Uber & Ola

Geospatial Information Regulation Bill forces all companies to register for a license, or face a fine of upto 100 crores and 7 years in jail!

News and Trends

Make In India Promotes Investment In 25 Focus Sectors

Make in India initiative focuses on four key areas to promote manufacturing and entrepreneurship

News and Trends

A Boost To Indian Manufacturing Sector

From industrial corridors to townships. how will Startup India benefit the manufacturing sector

News and Trends

Don't Miss: Here's Modi Government's Startup India Action Plan

Know more about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Startup India initiative


India must embrace smart manufacturing, says Amitabh Kant

Indian entrepreneurs must design, innovate and find solutions to the problems of India


How CREO Snapped Funding From Top League Investors

Smartphone market is like a fish market today, there is no differentiating factor between products


Raise Money And Keep That Money In Your Bank

Need more initiatives in Make in India, only then manufacturing will become feasibly cheaper, say Aarin Capital's Chairman.


Digital Empowerment For All: Is India Ready To Push The Envelope?

To empower the marginalized communities in India with easy access to digital tools, a wave has already taken off.


India's Top Ten Designs for Make in India

Here's the very best of what India 2016 has to offer in terms of technology design