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Growth Strategies

It's the Best Time for Any Startup to Fulfill Their Dreams

Many investors value startups based on the number of the startups investors want or need.


'The Vault' Investors Share Their Best Investment Tactics

Each investor has their own formula which they follow to decide in which startups to invest.


'An Entrepreneur Should Never Think Of An Exit'

An exit generally happens in the journey of an entrepreneur, an exit is never a destination


' Come For An Investment Round Only When Your Startup Is Earning Revenue '

As far as startup is concerned it's extremely important that they are earning revenue and they have revenue.


3 Important Factors To Consider Before Evaluating A Startup

For Goel, there are three most important factors when evaluating a startup, the team, the concept and the stage


Large Industries Give You A Room For Creativity In Creating Businesses

When it comes to evaluating a startup, Anupam Mittal, Founder and CEO of People Group has three primary things to look at.