Large Industries Give You A Room For Creativity In Creating Businesses

When it comes to evaluating a startup, Anupam Mittal, Founder and CEO of People Group has three primary things to look at.

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By Nidhi Singh

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Entrepreneur India caught up with Anupam Mittal, Founder and CEO of People Group and owner of,, and Mauj Mobile.Being India's most active angel investor, he is associated with Ola Cabs and Interactive Avenues at the seed stage.

When it comes to evaluating a startup, Anupam Mittal has three primary things to look at - potential market size, the team and catching the ongoing trend at the right time.

" Start with looking at the potential of market size because a lot of products and service don't have a mediate market but could have a future market and that's a very critical aspect," said Mittal.

He feels that large industries are often very forgiven and they give you a room for creativity for creating businesses.

For him, the second aspect revolves around the team.

"When I say team, it's not just about how qualified the entrepreneurs are but why they are doing something,"he said.

"With Digitization happening in the last several years if you could catch those trends right before they take off in terms of opportunities you can hit the inflection. Combining these 3-4 things to form a thesis including a lot of other factors"He explained the third aspect.

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