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Example of Party Business Ideas Do you want to offer people a good time? You could start a party business idea. Here are examples of party business ideas you can use to get your own business up and running.

By Nicole Crampton

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You can offer your services to ensure your clients have the best possible party experience. Starting a party business doesn't mean you have to be at every event, you can help clients find vendors or rent party supplies.

Here are 10 examples of party business ideas that you can use to gain insights into the entertainment industry and strategies to ensure your business' success:

1. Creating And Hosting A Bar Crawl

Are you good at hosting a party? Are you good at planning the logistics behind a party on-the-move? Then this could be the party business idea for you. Before you start planning your first pub crawl, here is an example of a party business idea you can learn from:

Business Name: Jozi Pub Crawl


About the business:

Jozi Pub Crawl offer to organise a pub crawl, which can be done on foot or via their shuttle and the night will include drinks, food, entertainment and photos. They can custom build a pub crawl to their client's needs.

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Innovative business offering

Additionally, they offer special pub crawls for bachelors and bachelorettes.

2. Comedy Club

A comedy club is where customers come to watch comedians perform, while eating supper or having drinks. If this sounds like the type of party business you would like to run, ensure you know exactly what this business entails.

Here is an example of the party business that you can learn from:

Business Name: Cape Town Comedy


About the business:

Cape Town Comedy offers comedic events, a restaurant and drinks. Their clients can watch the best of SA's stand-up as well as international comedy stars. They are open five nights a week and nurture newbie talent with up-and-comer acts and open-mic slots.

Innovative business offering

This dedicated comedy spot has been recognised as one of the top comedy clubs in the world.

3. Mobile DJ

Do you have an extensive music collection? Are you good at reading a room and playing the right music for the right crowd? This could be the part-time business for you.

Before you start advertising your services ensure you know what your competition is offering. Here is an example of a successful mobile DJ party business that you can gain some insights from:

Business Name: Xplode Entertainment


About the business:

Xplode Entertainment is a mobile DJ service that focuses on weddings. They can also source several of South Africa's prolific DJ's for their client's special day.

Innovative business offering

In addition, they offer a large variety of sound and lighting equipment, as well as special effects equipment including a low-lying fog machine, so the wedding couple and dance in the clouds for their first dance.

4. Pamper Party

Are you skilled in basic spa treatments? You could start this party business idea and offer pamper parties to your clients. Pamper parties continue to grow in popularity as South Africans want a fun and relaxing activity to do for special occasions.

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Before you launch your new business here is an example of a pamper party business you can gain insights from:

Business Name: Hello Gorgeous


About the business:

Hello Gorgeous offers pamper parties either at their salon or a venue of their client's choice. They have experienced and friendly staff that ensure their customers leave feeling completely pampered and revitalised.

Innovative business offering

In addition to their pamper party services, they also offer both men and women spa treatments, as well as manicures and pedicures for teens and younger children.

5. Mobile Sauna

A mobile sauna offers clients the opportunity to experience the health and relaxation effects of a sauna in their backyard. If this peaks your interest this could be the party business party idea for you.

Before you start constructing your mobile sauna, you'll first need to know what your competition is offering. Here is an example of a party business you can gain insights from:

Business Name: HotBox Mobile Sauna


About the business:

HotBox is New York's first and only public wood-burning sauna on wheels. . They serve the five boroughs a relaxing and healthy sauna session. Their mobile sauna can accommodate 8-10 people, each session also includes towels, plenty of water and access to a cool outdoor shower.

Innovative business offering

This mobile sauna often moves around to ensure it services a large area and appointments can be booked online. If they aren't busy, customers are welcome to spend longer in the sauna at no additional cost.

6. Renting Out Party Supplies

If you want to cater to the party industry without actually hosting or attending any parties, you can rent out party supplies.

This party business idea ensures you always have business as people always need extra chairs, cutlery, linen and crockery. Before you start collecting chairs, here is a successful party business you can gain insights from:

Business Name: Party Décor Hire


Established Date: 2015

About the business:

Party Décor Hire offers decorations, candles, draping and equipment hire to their clients. They focus on weddings, corporate events, parties and celebrations.

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Innovative business offering

In addition, Party Décor Hire also offer event planning and floral arrangements to ensure their clients have a comprehensive full-service experience with them.

7. Party Planner

Are you organised? Do you love planning parties and get-togethers? This could be the party business idea for you. Before you launch your business you first need to see what your competition has on offer. Here is an example of a party business you can learn from:

Business Name: Bella Doux


About the business:

Bella Doux aims to transform ideas into reality with their knack for detail and creative ideas. They operate out of Pretoria but are able to assist clients nationwide.

Their décor catalogue is constantly updated with exclusive and vintage items to ensure their clients events are unique and memorable.

Innovative business offering

In addition to their event planning services Belle Doux also offer decoration rentals, as well as being able to source high-quality items should their clients require something out of the ordinary.

8. Wedding Marketplace

Do you know all the best wedding suppliers? Do you love the idea of creating an online marketplace where wedding couples can find only the best wedding suppliers?

Then this could be the party business idea for you. Before you launch your marketplace, you'll need to know a little about the industry, here is an example of a successful business you can learn from:

Business Name: Bridestory


About the business:

Bridestory in an online global wedding directory and marketplace that aims to help connect wedding professionals and vendors with engaged couples across the world.

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Their team hand picks vendors and posts pictures of their work to ensure couples know exactly what their offering looks like.

Innovative business offering

Bridestory also offers trusted reviews from previous clients about vendor's services. They also offer vendors internationally relevant to their client's budget.

9. Party Clean-up Services

No one wants to clean-up after a party, but this presents a party business opportunity for you. You can offer a clean-up service for those who need a little help. Here is an example of a successful party business you can use to gain insights and strategies:

Business Name: Urban You


About the business:

UrbanYou offers their clients the opportunity to instantly book an after-party cleaning services. They aim to be non-intrusive, reliable and committed to providing a high standard of service. Their clients can pay for their service online, making it more convenient as they don't need to have cash on them.

In addition to their after-party cleaning services UrbanYou also offers home, spring, end of lease, carpet and post renovation cleaning.

10. Gift Basket Service

Are you good at compiling gift baskets for people? You could turn this talent into a party business idea. Before you launch your business, you'll first need to see what others are offering in the market. Here is an example of a party business you can gain insights from:

Business Name: All In A Basket


About the business:

All In A Basket offers a wide range of baskets for their customers and for all occasions. They encourage their customers to contact them so they can create custom gift baskets to suit every need.

Innovative business offering

All In A Basket offers daily delivery and shipping as well as unique gift basket options such as diabetic baskets and bridal shower centrepieces.

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