Show Me the Money! Raising Capital in 2019.

Show Me the Money! Raising Capital in 2019.

David Meltzer David Meltzer


Originally aired Apr 29, 2019

Countless entrepreneurs are unsure how to get in front of the right investor -- and are even less sure about how to deliver their pitch when they get in the room. David Meltzer, executive producer and lead investor of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, says that the most compelling entrepreneurs understand how to build their credibility in front of an audience by first establishing an emotional connection and then backing up that emotion up with logical reasons to invest.

In the session, Meltzer will instruct you how to best communicate why investors will benefit from being in business with you -- everyone from venture capitalists to family members. When you can clearly state your ideas and the value you hold, your pitches will be more statistically successful.

Key takeaways:

  • Build your credibility as an investable business leader
  • Use emotion to connect with potential investors
  • Learn to clearly state the impacts of an investment
  • Get across the necessary capabilities you have to execute your vision
  • Make a quantitative ask and provide more value than you are asking for in return

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