Express Employment Professionals

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This Company Wants to Set Up First-Time Franchisees for Success A new owner at Express Employment Professionals is buying into a longstanding, well-oiled franchise machine.

For more than three decades, the team at Express Employment Professionals has been growing and perfecting its franchising model. Someone who signs on as a franchisee is buying into a longstanding, well-oiled franchise machine, with checks and balances to help ensure profit and growth.

"It's a proven model with a proven success track," Brook Wise, a franchising director with Express Employment Professionals, says in the video above.

Founded in 1983 and franchising since 1985, Oklahoma City-based Express Employment Professionals provides temporary and flexible staffing, evaluation and direct hire, professional/contract staffing, and management consulting for individuals and businesses. "We put people to work, we make a positive impact in their lives, we make a positive impact on the community as well," Wise says. "Our franchise system gives those owners the ability to do that."

To set up their first-time franchisees for success, Express Employment Professionals offers roughly 30 days-worth of training activities, ongoing support and a $10,000 incentive that reduces the franchise fee.

"We're always learning, we're always students," Wise says, "so learning never stops."