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5 Digital Content Types Prospective Buyers Love to Engage With Online Is your brand in need of more online traction? You're in luck.

By Jennifer Spencer

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Yuichiro Chino | Getty Images

The rise of social media over the past decade has dramatically changed the way business is conducted. When it comes to appealing to buyers, your social media presence should be your primary focus. Nearly three billion businesses are actively using social media, and on Instagram alone, 80% of users follow at least one business. In short, there's simply no avoiding the wave of social media.

The key to winning the social media game hinges on a strong content marketing strategy — creating content that will motivate potential customers to interact with your business. Your goal is to showcase your brand and what it stands for in a way that attracts people.

The content you create helps create an interactive environment with your audience, resulting in a bridge to building trust and connecting with them. This directly impacts your brand's reputation and how it's perceived. According to Lyfe Marketing, 70% of consumers believe that businesses creating engaging content place an emphasis on building relationships with them.

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