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6 Tips to Make Your Seasonal Business a Year-Round Success Seasonal cycles can work to a company's advantage if you stay ahead of them.

By Sarah Smith

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

One thing you quickly learn as an entrepreneur running a business with some seasonality to it is that your busy season might not occur in the season you expected. For instance, retail stores are busy through Dec. 24. But if you work in logistics involved in getting those goods to the stores, your busy season is late summer/early fall.

Most people assume that if you run a camping app, for example, your peak time of year is summer. But it's actually earlier. While summer is peak camping season, the busiest time for The Dyrt team is from January to May. New initiatives all happen before July 1 so they can affect the summer camping season.

Every year, we learn more about how to fine-tune different parts of the cycle and leverage seasonality to our advantage at all times of year.