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App Makes Creating a Single Page 'Pitch Site' Super Simple Crushpath's easy-to-use software connects social media feeds and Salesforce software into one convenient package.

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Easy money: Crushpath founders Matt Wilkinson (left) and Sam Lawrence.
Easy money: Crushpath founders Matt Wilkinson (left) and Sam Lawrence.
Photo© Eric Millette

Matt Knapp knows sales, and he knows the value of high-quality CRM software. But the pricey program he was running kept eating more and more of his bottom line. His six-person sales team at Lincoln, Neb.-based Facts Management, which sells tuition processing tools to private K-12 schools throughout the U.S., needed something less expensive. So Knapp, senior vice president of key accounts, gave the new web-based sales tool Crushpath a try.

On the surface, the app created by San Francisco-based Crushpath seemed almost too simple when compared to the complex sales software Knapp used previously. The Crushpath platform allows just about anybody, including part-time salespeople and jack-of-all-trades solopreneurs, to create in a matter of minutes one-page websites (called "pitch sites") that target specific prospects with special deals. Each pitch site has a unique URL, so it can be shared easily via e-mail or social media, or indexed on the web to capture leads through organic search.

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