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Getting Past "No" How do you turn that "no" into a "yes"? We've got some breakthrough tips to get you there.

By Barry Farber

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Some sales are like driving on a highway--you drive straightahead and get off at your destination. You offer a product, thecustomer likes what he sees and the sale is made. Most sales,however, are more like driving on back-country roads--they'refull of twists, turns, detours, stop signs and potholes. Thecustomer says "maybe," then "not right now,"then just plain "no." Is that the end of the road for thesale? Not necessarily.

If you want your journey with that customer to end in a sale,you've got to find ways to get around that "no." Itdoesn't matter if you're dealing with a one-time sale or atwo-year sales cycle; the philosophy remains the same. Here arefour qualities you need to nourish:

1. Belief in yourself and your product or service: Youmust believe you have the ability to turn that "no" intoa "yes." There should be no doubt in your mind thateventually the customer will say "yes" because of who youare, what you have, and what you can do to solve his or herproblem. Passion and enthusiasm are contagious-and they'll giveyou positive direction and momentum.

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