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Rise and Shine Drifted into a sales slump? It's time to wake up and sell your way back to the top.

By Barry Farber

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There isn't a salesperson alive who hasn't experienced asales slump. It could be because of an economic downturn or becausethe competition has a new product. It could be due to personalchallenges or lack of motivation. It can even happen when thingsare going well, and you feel you can "coast" for a while.The problem is, you can't coast uphill.

Barring catastrophic events, you don't dive into a slump. Itcreeps up on you until you start to realize that things haven'tbeen going well. Don't wait to start your ascent; the longeryou wait, the more difficult the climb will be.

Here are four steps to follow if you find yourself in aslump:

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