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Most Businesses Miss This Critical Revenue-Driver. Here's How to Avoid That Mistake. Comprehensive knowledge of how customers use your product makes possible a variety of improvement pathways, including more effective upselling.

By John Boitnott Edited by Matt Scanlon

Key Takeaways

  • An indispensable part of effective selling is a multidimensional awareness of product users’ experience, including orientation, use milestones and renewal hesitancy.
  • A firm grasp on this data boosts revenue, and also offers insight into what features and products are wanted the most — fueling improvements in output, relationship-building and upselling.

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Running and growing a business demands much attention and effort. Raising capital, maintaining employees, developing products, streamlining operational efficiency and setting budgets are all necessary parts of keeping one up and running.

Owners and other execs believe, understandably, that selling products or services is paramount, with the final transaction being the ultimate goal. But tracking how customers use and feel about products can provide broader and arguably more vital insights into improving them, along with associated marketing efforts. Handled well, it guides product development, reduces churn and increases customer loyalty.

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