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These 4 Traits Set Excellent Marketers Apart From Mediocre Ones. Here's How to Make Sure You're Hiring Them. How to identify truly capable marketers, then drive growth through customer-focused strategy, data-driven decisions and flawless execution.

By John Boitnott Edited by Matt Scanlon

Key Takeaways

  • Excellent marketers prioritize data-driven decision-making and focus on key metrics to optimize marketing strategies.
  • Great marketers quickly adapt to changes based on performance data and customer insights.
  • Successful marketers avoid complexity by focusing on core business goals and crafting clear, concise messaging.

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Hiring and managing a marketing team is challenging for any business, regardless of industry. And without a clear understanding of what excellent marketing actually means, it's just about impossible to make educated decisions when assessing professionals in this space. When you can both define and recognize excellence in action, you'll set a team up for success, and there are key characteristics to look for.

An emphasis on hard data

First, excellent marketers keep their focus on key data and metrics. This means going beyond superficialities like number of social media followers or website visitors, and avoiding making decisions based on assumptions or guesswork. Instead, savvy professionals analyze metrics like:

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