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Editor's Note: Our Biggest, Baddest Branding Package Trust isn't a new concept in branding, but it's become more important than ever.

By Amy Cosper

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Amy C. CosperOn the crumbling walls of the buildings of Pompeii, ancient graffiti is everywhere.

If you are fluent in the ancient language, you can read up on who people voted for or how vile and corrupt politicians were. You will also find recommendations on where to buy the best bread, the best wine and the cheapest meat.

In one instance, an irritated customer angrily scribbled on the outside of an inn these fighting words: "What a lot of tricks you use to deceive us, Innkeeper. You sell water, but unmixed wine." Translation? "Don't buy from this guy. He ripped me off, he watered down my wine, and he'll probably rip you off and water down your wine, too." Sort of an early version of Yelp. (Perhaps known back then as Yelpus.)

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