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3 Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tactics And as a marketing method, it's downright unbeatable. Get customers to spread the word about your business with 3 simple strategies.

By Kim T. Gordon

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Most everyone agrees: There's no better advertising than word-of-mouth. After all, a customer who calls you following a personal recommendation from a friend or colleague is more likely to buy. And that makes the pursuit of positive word-of-mouth every entrepreneur's holy grail.

Today, marketers have created a science out of winning word-of-mouth, or WOM. There's even a Word of Mouth Marketing Association for marketing professionals charged with building word-of-mouth for their companies. The truth is, the right kind of talk doesn't always come cheap, and you have to actively pursue WOM. For maximum results, build a formalized WOM program using at least one of the following three major tactics.

1. Marketing to influencers: Every community has them. Whether they're into electronics or fashion, "influencers" are at the head of every trend. Not only do they know which restaurant has the "in" chef or where to shop for the perfect athletic shoe, they're also happy to tell all their friends and associates about them.

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