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From Meerkat to Riff: 5 New Ways to Market Your Brand A look at the latest tools for your marketing kit.

By Ann Handley

This story appears in the June 2015 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

timothy muza |

This column should carry a warning label, similar to the chemicals under my kitchen sink. Why? Because although I'm about to introduce you to some bright, shiny new marketing tools, I want you to consider them in context.

So, here's my warning: Do not attempt without a solid marketing strategy. Consider whether the tool is right for your business. Be sure you have the resources for using the tool effectively, consistently and efficiently. Do not mix with bleach. (Oh, wait … that last one really was from under my sink.)

In other words, make sure you use these platforms to enhance—rather than distract from—your business goals. "The tool itself isn't cool," explains social-marketing consultant Mack Collier. "It's what the tool allows people to do that's interesting."

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