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Get Ready to Grow Your Business: 4 Ways Amazon is Helping Sellers Read on to discover the biggest announcements from the company's premier annual seller conference, Accelerate.


From preparing for the holiday rush, to improving product pages, navigating supply chain issues, attracting new customers, or simply establishing your storefront, a lot goes into running a successful business. Whether you're doing it on the side or it's your full-time focus, reaching and engaging customers requires equal parts strategy and having the right tools to get the job done effectively.

If any company has the expertise to guide sellers in this space, it's Amazon. Amazon is continuously inventing on behalf of sellers, including launching and enhancing tools and services to help them build their own successful brands. Partnering with Amazon allows independent sellers to benefit from powerful, cost-effective capabilities that leverage the company's technological innovation.

Amazon's focus on seller success was on full display at Amazon Accelerate, its premier annual seller conference, which recently took place in Seattle. Amazon announced several innovations that further streamline the selling experience. Here's a look at a handful of the biggest developments.

1. Say hello to fully automated supply chain services.

Managing the supply chain has become an increasingly complex and unpredictable process for sellers. Amazon introduced Supply Chain by Amazon to help sellers manage the entire supply chain journey across all their sales channels, including online and physical stores. This end-to-end, fully automated set of supply chain services will provide sellers with a complete solution to quickly and reliably move products directly from their manufactures to customers around the world.

Simply put, with Supply Chain by Amazon, sellers will be able to benefit from Amazon's advanced logistics, warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, and transportation capabilities to keep products in stock, ship faster and more reliably, and significantly lower costs. Amazon will pick up inventory from manufacturing facilities around the world, ship it across borders, handle customs clearance and ground transportation, store inventory in bulk, manage replenishment across Amazon and other sales channels, and deliver directly to customers—all without sellers having to worry about managing their supply chain and inventory. This frees sellers to be able to focus on building great products for customers and growing their businesses.

When it comes to shipping and fulfillment, Amazon also unveiled new innovations and updates to support sellers who fulfill their own orders. This included Amazon Shipping, a service for sellers who manage and fulfill their own inventory access to Amazon's delivery network, and key updates to its multi-channel shipping and inventory management software Veeqo.

2. Create better product descriptions thanks to the power of generative AI.

A compelling product listing attracts customers and drives sales, but the task of creating product titles, bullet points, and descriptions can be time consuming. Amazon is making this process much easier by leveraging the latest advancements in generative AI to simplify the listing creation and management experience.

To get started, sellers will provide a brief description of a product in a few words or sentences. From there, Amazon will generate high-quality product descriptions for sellers to review. Sellers can use the descriptions as-is or adjust as they see fit. The aim is to make it faster and easier for sellers to list new products while presenting customers with more complete product information, helping shoppers find the products they're searching for.

3. New data-driven insights and selling tools to efficiently generate more sales in Amazon's store and beyond.

With the right insights, brands can better engage with their customers and create products that resonate to reach both current and potential customers. At Accelerate, sellers learned how data-driven tools and the expanded Buy with Prime product suite can help them generate more sales and reach new customers.

Customer Sentiment Insights is a powerful tool that enables sellers to leverage category-level customer feedback to support new product development, and upcoming enhancements will provide the ability to select different time periods, analyze trends over time, and benchmark customer sentiment for all products against best sellers in their category. Plus, the new Customer Loyalty Dashboard will help brand owners build stronger relationships with customers by giving sellers the ability to dive deep into behavior like customer purchase patterns, as well as integrating with other Amazon tools to offer promotions, coupons and discounts to high-intent customer audience segments.

Amazon introduced Buy with Prime a little over a year ago to help merchants grow their ecommerce business on their own websites using the trusted and convenient shopping benefits of Prime that gets members everything they want and need, quickly and reliably. Since then, Amazon continues to expand the Buy with Prime product suite, starting with the Buy with Prime app for Shopify. The new integrated app helps merchants grow their business using Buy with Prime on their Shopify stores and simplify the day-to-day merchant experience. Not only will this integration make it easier to install Buy with Prime on Shopify stores, but the native integration with Shopify makes it easier for Shopify merchants to manage their businesses, with their inventory, pricing, and promotions automatically synced. Amazon also revealed Reviews from Amazon, helping merchants display their Amazon reviews on their own website at no additional cost, and Buy with Prime cart, giving shoppers the ability to purchase multiple Buy with Prime products in each transaction.

4. Helping sellers with their product and packaging sustainability goals.

As sustainable packaging becomes a greater priority among shoppers, Amazon is expanding its sustainability services and launching the Sustainability Solutions Hub. The hub provides sellers with information to get started with Amazon's sustainability programs, including programs like Climate Pledge Friendly (which helps customers discover more-sustainable products and reward sellers for developing sustainable products) and Ships in Product Packaging, where Amazon works with sellers to redesign their packaging to enable their products to ship in their own branded product packaging without any Amazon-added delivery packaging. In 2024, Ships in Product Packaging will be available to all sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

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