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Going Inside the Kickstarter Office

At Kickstarter's Brooklyn headquarters -- a former pencil factory with tons of natural sunlight --125 employees take turns hosting seminars, screenings and book club.

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It makes perfect sense that a crowdfunding platform's company culture would be collaborative. At 's Brooklyn headquarters -- a former pencil factory with tons of natural -- 125 employees take turns hosting seminars, screenings and book clubs. Cubicles are shunned in favor of couches, and the CEO sits out in the open like everyone else. When quiet time is needed, staff can retreat to the solarium or the library, shown here.

Adam Friedberg

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David Ninh

Senior Communications Specialist

"We do something called lunch roulette: Once a month, they assign us people in the company to have lunch with. That way you don't get stuck focusing on your area. You can meet people and see what they do day-to-day."

Justin Kazmark

Vice President of Communications

"We have an Always Be series, where somebody at the office will teach something new. I did one on competitive -- I used to do tournaments -- and one on with the founder of Kickstarter, who's really big into chess."

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Georgina Rovirosa


"I first applied to this job because I live nearby and Kickstarter threw a welcome-to-the-neighborhood party. I came with my friends and fell in love with the space, and I was like, I wonder if they're hiring. When I got home, I went online and applied. I find the work here inspiring. We're making the world better. More creative."

Stephanie Li

Senior Email Marketing Manager

"A lot of people here do things on the side, artistically and creatively. We have people in bands, people who contribute to the publishing world. We have a Slack channel where we share events that might be going on that somebody on our team is participating in, if somebody's playing a show. We always support each other that way."

Sarah Lim

Product Writer

"There's a whole roof garden. Sometimes I've gone up and picked blueberries off the vine. And there's this great thing called Always Be Meeting New People, which I love. You can grab a gift card to go get coffee with someone you don't know that well."

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Stefan Dufgran

Product Design Lead

"The fact that we have a 75-seat theater is amazing. We watch Kickstarter-funded movies when we want to. There is a movie program called Kino Evil with cheesy '80s movies, things like that. People watch the . It's almost always open."

Lisa Luo

Software Engineer

"I've been to most major tech offices in , and Kickstarter is still my favorite. It's more spacious. It's so big but still feels familiar, homey and intimate. When it snows or rains, it's so beautiful. I feel like I'm in Hogwarts."

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Inside Kickstarter

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Inside Kickstarter

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