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Keep Your Cards to Yourself 4 ways to build your reputation and expand your network--without business cards.

By Michael Port

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Getting noticed in business is about making others feel special so that you are the person they want to do business with. It's about being the kind of person and professional you appreciate having in your own life. These four simple strategies will do more to increase the size and influence of your network than any breakfast meet-and-greet could ever offer.

Share your connections. The most successful standout people in business never hoard their relationships. They are natural connectors. You can and should be the same.

Make it a habit every day to introduce two people in your network who don't yet know each other. This is not a referral or a suggestion that someone hire the other person (although that may happen down the road). Rather, it is just an introduction of two people who share an interest. It could be personal or professional. Make it as simple as, "Jane, meet John. Jane's into this, and John's into that. I thought you might enjoy meeting. Chat soon."

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