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Say What? How to get customers buzzing about your business

By Kim T. Gordon

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

People love to talk, and when they say great things about yourbusiness, it translates into increased sales and a strong growthcurve. Buzz is all about what's hot, new and interesting.It's more persuasive than traditional advertising, because buzzis based on trust-we're more likely to believe what's toldto us by friends or co-workers.

Influencers and opinion leaders are the engines of buzz. Thesepeople can be experts, members of the press, politicians,celebrities or well-connected customers others rely on forinformation. For example, when Oprah recommends a book, it soars toNo. 1; or when Sarah Jessica Parker wears a new dress, it'spictured in fashion magazines. The fuel these influencers requireis compelling information, whether it's about the latest books,fashion or software. Your public relations and referral programsare the keys to generating this information.

Avoid Bad Buzz

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