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Closer Call Looking for a few good salespeople? Start here.

By Kimberly L. McCall

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

There are a handful of traits that will bring your reps the mostclosed sales and repeat customers. Wendy Weiss, a New YorkCity-based sales trainer and author of Cold Calling College,shares her top five traits to look for in a salesperson:

1. Stick-to-itiveness: The most important trait is theability to keep going. "Sales can be a tough world," saysWeiss. "The stark reality is that some prospects will sayno." What the salesperson does with that no is key. They canallow it to stop them, or they can put it aside and continue. Lookfor someone who does the latter.

2. Empathy and rapport: The ability to put oneself in aprospect's shoes is crucial to building a good salesrelationship.

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