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Spill the Beans If you share free information with potential customers, they're more likely to remember you when it's time to buy.

By Catherine Seda

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Do your marketing campaigns promote offers that only apply to purchases? If you're not marketing free information, then you're not connecting with internet researchers on the verge of becoming internet shoppers.

When you give away information, it seems like you're sharing secret stuff. You're not, but that's the perception, because you're offering people value without asking them to open their wallets. Help people solve a problem or teach them something, and they'll want to learn about your company. Tips to try:

1. Choose information your prospects want. Your website is probably loaded with valuable free information: articles; a newsletter, forum or blog; a calculator or assessment tool; a how-to or FAQ section; maybe even an events directory. Check your web analytics reports to see which pages of your site people visit most often. Write down the benefits of these site sections--you'll use these in your marketing copy.

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