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5 Ways to Land a Big Account Landing a large account doesn't have to be out of your reach. With these 5 strategies, your company will be on its way up.

By Barry Farber

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Every account deserves the same attention and service, no matter its size. However, it can be more difficult to land a large account. The top decision-maker is often unavailable-at a meeting, on the phone, out of town. You'll probably have to double and redouble your efforts just to get an initial conversation.

If you want to reap the big rewards, you have to go after the big fish. And even though it will never be easy, these five strategies can help you increase your odds of success:

1. Sell from the top down. Don't let fear stop you from calling the big guns. You'll probably have to keep trying, but top-level executives will be able to give you a clear overview of the company's needs and concerns, as well as direct you to the person who handles your type of product or service. This is vital information in a large company with numerous divisions and confusing job titles.