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Signpost Puts a Local Spin on Social Shopping Signpost takes on Groupon as the turf war for social commerce supremacy heats up.

By Jason Ankeny

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Post Local Deals
Signpost is a deals aggregator with a difference. Like Groupon, the 800-pound gorilla of the social commerce segment, Signpost identifies local bargains. But it spotlights dozens or even hundreds of deals each day, and also pinpoints bargains on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. Credit that kind of ground-level intelligence to Signpost's reliance on the collective consumer consciousness. Deals are discovered, shared, curated and rated by users, not negotiated by an internal sales force.

"Small businesses have a lot of great deals, but it's difficult for consumers to know what's out there and to filter the signal from the noise," says Signpost CEO Stuart Wall, who co-founded the company (then named Postabon) in 2009. "Our platform encourages customers to post the best deals in their immediate area."

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