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Looking for a Punch in the Nose? The only thing more annoying than a bad deal is a bad deal-maker.

By Marc Diener

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

I like most of the people I deal with. Sometimes things startoff rocky, but usually I can build a good relationship. Thisisn't about those people.

Instead, this month, I vent about those "others" outthere who should be medicated, strapped to a gurney and whiskedfrom the bargaining table. Dear Reader, I hope you don'trecognize yourself below:

1. The liar: You spend a lotof time haggling when you practice law for 20 years. By now,nothing should surprise me. But it does. When somebody tells me abig lie, my jaw drops and my soul fills with wonder. Some liedeliberately. Some can't tell the difference. Whatever thereason, the liar brings a touch of evil in and erodes whateverfaith we have left in humanity. I could quote Dante. Instead, toall you liars out there, I say: May your spouses deceive you andyour children betray you.

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