Marc Diener


Asking for it

When negotiating, questions are critical to your success.

Find Ways to Negotiate Smart

Don't be afraid to negotiate--just know what you're doing.

Play Nice

When making deals, it pays to mind your manners.

Top Secret

Confidential data should be handled with care.

Turn the Tables

Do you hate to negotiate? It's time to learn to love it.

Hang Tough

Secrets to staying strong at the bargaining table.

Fair Share?

Keys to negotiating your piece of the action.

Take a Look Inside

In deal making, a little introspection goes a long way.

Put it in Neutral

Next time you're in a dispute, don't litigate--mediate.

Getting Over a Bad Deal

So you made a bad deal. Learn from it, and move on.

Fight or Flight?

Tips for knowing when to go at it and when to give in.

When a Deal Is a Don't

Know when you should walk away from a negotiation.

Using Anger as a Negotiating Tactic

Anger can help in negotiation, but be sure to use it wisely.

Friendly Fire?

Don't let a deal destroy your friendship.

Chill Out

Managing your stress makes you a better deal-maker.

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