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Using Anger as a Negotiating Tactic Anger can help in negotiation, but be sure to use it wisely.

By Marc Diener

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

In business, anger is better viewed as a tactic rather than an emotion. Like any other weapon in the deal-maker's arsenal, it can be used and abused.

Anger often feels great. It is powerful. It is energizing. It strengthens our resolve and adds fire to our arguments. It can even grant us moral high ground when it comes in the form of righteous indignation.

The realist finds even more practical uses for anger. Why waste time talking? Just bark at your opponent. Two out of three will back down. Feeling mischievous? Rattle the other side. The first one to scream loses. In fact, some deal-makers build a whole career around being mad, with everyone tiptoeing on eggshells around them.

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