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The Future of Hybrid Work? A New Poll Confirms What We Knew All Along. Businesses must act now to adapt or risk becoming obsolete.

By Gleb Tsipursky Edited by Maria Bailey

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As the world moves forward, so too does the way we work. In the era of technological advancements and shifting workplace expectations, a new Pew Research Center poll has confirmed that full-time in-office work for remote-capable employees is now a relic of the past. The poll results reveal that a significant plurality of remote-capable employees are working on a hybrid model, coming into the office for two or fewer days per week, while over a third are working fully remotely.

As a seasoned expert in the realm of hybrid and remote work, I can confidently say that the future of work is hybrid, and businesses must adapt or risk becoming obsolete.

The poll that put the nail in the coffin for full-time office work

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