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The Imagination: A Sustainable Resource for Online Lead Generation Reimagine your existing content for a fresh web presence. You can start by treating everything your business creates as a critical piece of a larger whole.

By Ann Handley

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Sustainable Resources

Let's assume your company is creating content--blog posts, white papers, YouTube videos or podcasts--as a way to generate leads. (A survey by my company, MarketingProfs, and the Content Marketing Institute found that 90 percent of companies are.) You've embraced the mindset that useful or entertaining material can attract and nurture customers--and you've realized that creating it is hard work. It's a challenge to come up with content that engages customers and delivers results, not to mention to then produce enough of it and have the budget to fuel it. So, are writer's block and time or budgetary constraints cramping your lead-gen style?

One key to making the task easier and more sustainable is to reimagine your existing content. That means treating everything you create not as a "one and done" but as a critical piece of a larger whole, an important link in a sustainable content ecosystem--a circle of life, if you will. Here are three ways to reimagine your material to create your own sustained-content food chain.

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