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There's an Art to Telling Your Brand's Story: 4 Ways to Get It Right A compelling brand story gives your audience a way to connect with you.

By Ann Handley

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

First, let's talk about that word story. It's one I find impossibly squishy in a business context. For me, it can conjure up performance art more than industry.

But storytelling as it applies to business isn't about spinning a yarn or fairy tale. Rather, it's about how your products or services exist in the world. It's who you are and what you do for others--how you add value to people's lives, ease their troubles, meet their needs. A compelling brand story gives your audience a way to connect with you, one person to another, and to view your business as what it is: a living, breathing entity run by real people offering real value.

In that way, your content is not "storytelling" at all--it's simply telling what's true, and telling it well. So how do you pull stories out of your organization and tell them in a way that relates to your customer? Let's start with a few characteristics of a compelling story:

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