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Tools for Creating a Logo A great logo can help make or break your startup. Here are the tools you need to create a memorable mark.

By Steve Cooper

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By definition, a logo is an identifying symbol. It can be an artistic representation of your business name (eBay) or a symbol (Apple Computer). Logos should engage your customers and make a lasting impression, as well as separate your business from your competitors. If you lack the skills to create your own logo, or if you have the artistic ability but don't understand the intricacies of logo design, try using the following resources to make your logo memorable.

Know Your Logo
If you decide to develop the logo your-self, here are some reference materials to inspire and educate you.

  • How to Design Logos, Symbols & Icons By Gregory Thomas (How Design Books, $24.99): This book includes case studies from the top designers in the business working on projects for big clients like Time Warner and Volkswagen. By getting a peek inside these studios at every stage from rough sketches and client briefings to polished, finished projects, you gain insight into the strategies, stories, research and thought processes it takes to create a world-class logo.
  • Logo Design for Small Business 2 By Dan Antonelli (SignCraft, $25): This follow-up book exclusively targets small-business owners and their logo design needs. Antonelli digs into 175 different designs for small businesses and explains why small-business logo needs differ from corporate requirements.
  • Logo Design Workbook By Sean Adams and Noreen Morioka (Rockport Publishers, $40): Offering a hands-on approach to what it takes to create a logo, this book covers choosing the right colors, typeface and size, as well as common logo mistakes and what makes a logo successful.

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