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What You Wanted to Know About Marketing But Forgot to Ask You know all of the frequently asked marketing questions, what about the important questions no one ever thinks to ask? We've got the answers right here.

By Ann Handley

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.


Have you ever noticed that the best part of lectures, panel discussions or public interviews comes at the end, when audience members interact with the speakers and ask questions? After almost two years of penning this column, I've realized that the same is true here. My favorite ideas have come from those of you who have read my words and been prompted to raise your hands with a question, so to speak.

As someone who speaks and writes about marketing, I've gotten pretty good at tuning my ear to what my colleague John Jantsch calls "Frequently Unasked Questions," or FUQs. (Do not pronounce phonetically in delicate company.) FUQs are questions people should be asking but aren't. Sometimes they don't know enough to ask, sometimes they don't have the opportunity, and sometimes they're embarrassed, worried that the question is overly simplistic or just plain dumb.

But sometimes the FUQ is broader than the initial inquiry itself--it's the question within the question, if you will. I've been collecting your letters all this time, and I believe I've unearthed the real queries within them. I think it's time we get the FUQs out.

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