AI-Driven Psoriatic Arthritis Forecasting by Vijay Yadav

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Science is a stepping stone to better health and the digitization of the modern age has given birth to many new innovations that can provide assistance to both researchers and patients alike. Vijay Yadav is one such innovator who is dedicated to the betterment of the welfare of people all around the globe.

With years of experience under his belt and as Chief Technology Officer at Brooklyn Health, Vijay Yadav has penetrated the digital biomarker industry where he focused on collecting accurate data insights in the realm of wearables and edibles, and his efforts has helped bring new medication to the market much faster than traditional means and now he is realizing one of his dreams: to become more involved in the research and development for chronic disease.

In line with his innovative ventures, Psorcast is a data analytical tool designed to predict arthritis risk, treatment response, and flares.

A non-profit research study, Psorcast has teamed up with non-profit organizations such as Sage Bionetworks and PPACMAN (Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Clinics Multi-center Advancement Network), and a team of professionals, ranging from doctors, engineers, researchers, and data scientists, are all engaging in this groundbreaking data analysis on the disease.

"Data is power," Vijay shares, "almost everything around us can be predicted and prevented or remedied with preemptive knowledge. Psorcast is going to change the way that patients will be offered treatment, and it will also play a part in helping them determine the best kind of treatment for them, as well as enabling them to live their best lives."

Psorcast will be able to address questions that arthritic patients have regarding their new therapy and can also help predict whether individuals are at risk for psoriatic arthritis. With an open source data set, they aim to learn more about the condition and develop new ways to manage it.

The platform is designed in such a way that researchers will also be able to benefit from their research study which is easily accessible via an app that is downloadable on mobile devices that support the iTunes App Store.

Users can keep track of their digital measurements by keying in information such as which part of the body they are experiencing psoriatic arthritis pain and using their tools to record their physical performances as smartphones have the capacity for measuring various health-related data such as skin imaging, movements, and as something that is owned by 310 million Americans, it is uniquely poised to collect data without the inconvenience of having to carry around a separate device or instrument.

Vijay Yadav has always been invested in the health industry, wanting to play his part in creating real and effective solutions that can make a difference. While Psorcast is currently only available nation-wide, Vijay hopes that he would be able to cater to the global market in the near future, offering healthcare institutions the means of upgrading their healthcare system and delivering better patient care.

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