How Business Explained Makes Complex Business Concepts Accessible to All

By Anne Schulze

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In this digital age, Business Explained simplifies intricate business topics for professionals and novices alike. This online platform, dedicated to clarity and education, has recently garnered attention for its fresh approach to digital education, especially in eBooks and other digital products.

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Leading the Charge in Digital Business Education

The vast digital environment is filled with platforms offering business insights. Yet, many don't deliver content that's both comprehensive and comprehensible. Business Explained differentiates itself with its commitment to clarity and extensive range of subjects, from entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance to human resources, organizational management, and project management, among others.

Mark Jefford, brand manager of Business Explained, shared, "Today, there's a pressing need for content that educates in an accessible manner. That's our mission." Its carefully curated books and other resources cater to a diverse audience, from budding up-and-coming entrepreneurs to seasoned professionals.

Recent 2023 statistics underscore the significance of platforms like Business Explained. With a projected 1.87 billion paper book readers by 2027 and e-reader users expected to reach 1.2 billion, the demand for quality digital content is undeniable. While the US market leaned towards print books in 2022, with 788.7 million units sold, the growth in eBook sales in January 2023, which generated $85 million in revenue, indicates a shift towards digital consumption.

Vision for Tomorrow's Reading from Page to Screen

Print books continue to dominate the market, but the rise of digital products is undeniable. Business Explained leads this evolution, offering content that resonates with today's readers.

Recognizing this trend, Business Explained offers curated business knowledge with eBooks and ensures that readers receive accurate and relevant information. The advantages of eBooks, such as portability, interactive features, and the ability to update content, make them a preferred choice for many. The company leverages these benefits to provide a seamless learning experience for its users.

Furthermore, Business Explained understands that professionals today need concise yet comprehensive resources. Its eBooks are designed to filter out the noise and present readers with actionable insights. This approach not only saves time but also ensures that learners are equipped with the most relevant information.

Expanding the Universe of Digital Content

Forecasts for the next decade are optimistic for digital products. Traditional publishing will likely coexist with digital platforms. A 2019 Pew Research survey indicated that eBooks and e-readers continue to gain popularity, albeit slowly. Sales projections for 2025 expect e-book sales to reach $7.78 billion, a significant increase from $5.91 billion in 2019. Similarly, e-reader sales in 2025 are projected to hit $98.95 million, up from $77.94 million in 2019. Coupled with the rising popularity of audiobooks, the future of reading promises to be diverse and dynamic.

In light of these trends, Business Explained doesn't just observe the change but actively participates in shaping the future of digital business learning. The company is rolling out "Success Blueprints" which offers a strategic blueprint for business success, transforming complex paradigms into straightforward steps through curated business knowledge.

With plans to expand its digital offerings and explore new formats, Business Explained is set for an exciting future: a time when the thirst for knowledge remains constant, and the information necessary is not just accessible but also understandable. As the digital reading trend continues to grow, platforms like Business Explained are poised to redefine how business knowledge is consumed and applied efficiently.

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