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INDEX | WEALTH MANAGEMENT – Real Estate Development and Investment Company

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It is widely recognized that real estate presents one of the most informed and dependable investment opportunities, owing to its consistent appreciation in value.

Index | Wealth Management is a real estate development and investment company that offers multifunctional development projects in Georgia. Each project boasts a sought-after location and both residential and investment opportunities.

The company's extensive portfolio encompasses eight projects in diverse locales in Tbilisi, with five ventures currently underway in Dighomi 8, Avlabari, Gldani, and Ortachala. These initiatives represent a collective investment totaling $120 million. According to the company, this is just the beginning, as they plan to expand further in the near future.


Index | Wealth Management provides customers with a comfortable living environment, unique investment opportunities, and personalized payment terms. Their efficiently designed apartments are ideally suited for the rental market.

Managed by a team with 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, Index | Wealth Management has already implemented some 20 projects.

"Despite the highly competitive real estate sector in Georgia, Index | Wealth Management, guided by existing research, has a clear and established vision of its customers' needs. It offers exciting real estate opportunities and tailored investment advisory services," the company notes.

INDEX | WEALTH MANAGEMENT as an investment advisor

Extensive research indicates a consistent rise in demand for real estate within the Georgian market, with notable increases in both property values and rental prices in recent years.

Simultaneously, Georgia's expanding tourism sector plays a vital role in developing investment opportunities. These positive market dynamics encourage both local and international investors to consider the profitable opportunities in Georgia's real estate sector.


"Index | Wealth Management was founded to provide clients with well-informed insights into real estate market trends, aiding them in making prudent investment decisions," the company says.

In addition to its diverse array of projects, the company offers guidance to clients, equipping them with the necessary knowledge to navigate real estate transactions effectively. Through research sourced from reputable channels, the company ensures that clients are equipped with the right questions to ask and the essential criteria to consider when venturing into real estate investments.

What projects does INDEX | WEALTH MANAGEMENT have underway?

Delivering projects on time is a critical challenge facing the Georgian development sector. Index | Wealth Management ensures that all current projects are fully financed by TBC Bank, guaranteeing compliance with all construction deadlines.

To guarantee quality construction, Index | Wealth Management utilizes high-quality European building materials for each development project, adhering to relevant standards.

In terms of financing, the company's team strives to offer customers customized payment terms. In most projects, the initial contribution is 0%, eliminating the need for customers to make an upfront payment or obtain a bank loan for investment. Additionally, a 30-month internal interest-free installment plan is available for real estate purchases, allowing users to manage their finances according to their preferences.


River Park by Index is a new multifunctional space in Digomi #8, situated on the banks of the Mtkvari River, in a unique microclimatic zone spanning 30,000m². Studies suggest that living in such a microclimate significantly enhances human life expectancy and quality of life.

The project features low-density, four-story buildings, offering more space and a healthier environment.

River Park provides an ecologically clean, comfortable living environment close to all local amenities, with Tbilisi Mall just 500 meters away from the residential complex.

In response to post-pandemic shifts, the project design incorporates multiple communal spaces for River Park residents to socialize and relish outdoor living. Additionally, the integration of rooftop terraces enhances the project's overall appeal.

The apartments within the River Park complex range from 47m² to 130m² in size. Project handover, including essential infrastructure elements such as parks, pathways, children's play areas, recreational spots, and a swimming pool, will commence from Fall 2024.

"River Park caters to individuals and families aiming to improve their quality of life or make prudent investments. The area is highly sought-after for rental properties, with Georgian families, small businesses and diplomats expressing keen interest. Recent research indicates a notable 26% increase in real estate prices in the Dighomi suburb," a company representative tells us.


Niabi by Index is one of Index | Wealth Management's most outstanding projects. Its construction is currently underway in Avlabari, behind the Holy Trinity Cathedral. A 5-storey complex adorned with spacious green balconies, Niabi by Index stands out for its architecture and stunning views of Old Tbilisi.

Index | Wealth Management affirms that Niabi best exemplifies the company's architectural vision and uniqueness.

The complex features underground parking, a green yard, and recreational areas. Common spaces dedicated to enhancing residents' social lives will be located in the complex's courtyard and internal areas.

Niabi by Index will offer a lobby and concierge services to further enhance quality of life for its residents.


Avlabari by Index is situated in the historical part of Tbilisi, on Bochormi Street, in Avlabari. This project distinguishes itself with its strategic positioning, providing scenic views of Old Tbilisi and convenient access to key landmarks.

The complex provides a perfect balance of modern living and urban comfort, featuring a 4,000-square-meter green yard, a children's playground, a gym, a hypermarket, and underground parking.

Avlabari by Index offers a wide selection of apartments, starting from 31m², making them suitable for investment. As real estate prices in the Georgian market continue to rise each year, accompanied by an increasing influx of tourists, investing in real estate is once again proving to be beneficial.

Spanning across 8,000m², the project features a 20-storey building, with the first two floors reserved for commercial establishments. Apartments in Avlabari by Index start from $45,000, with flexible payment plans tailored to individual requirements. The company offers 0% internal 30-month installment options and a 0% down payment alternative. The project is scheduled for completion in 2026.


Gldani by Index is situated on Shengelia Street, in the heart of Gldani, directly opposite the district's "City Mall". This strategic location offers proximity to essential facilities such as shopping centers, schools, gardens, and recreational areas.

The building comprises 18 floors, with commercial spaces occupying the first two floors, and two floors dedicated to parking under the building. The smallest apartments start at 32m², making them an excellent choice for investment. Each apartment can be tailored to meet the owner's individual needs.

Apartments in Gldani by Index start from $29,850, with a flexible payment schedule. The company also offers a 0% internal 30-month installment plan and a 0% down payment option. Construction of Gldani by Index is scheduled for completion in 2026.

What are the company's upcoming plans?

Index | Wealth Management has plans to introduce several interesting innovations throughout the year, promising exclusive projects in prime locations across Georgia. Currently, the company has five ongoing projects and four in the pipeline.

Index | Wealth Management offers customers an innovative vision, high-quality construction, and modern living standards suitable for both residential and investment purposes. The company aims not only to establish itself as a major player in the real estate industry, but also to become a reliable and competent investment advisor in the market.


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