Rick Simpson Oil: New Documentary Film Highlights Patient's Inspirational Journey Of Beating Stage 4 Cancer

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A documentary can inspire, educate, and advocate for people's medical journeys. It can capture the struggles and triumphs of a patient and provide a platform for discussing the recent medical trends and innovations that have contributed to the treatment.

This year, the Simpson Foundation will release a documentary film recounting Rick Simpson's recovery process to inspire and encourage other patients going through similar experiences.

Gaining support from crowdfunding

The documentary will highlight Rick's illness struggles and eventual survival thanks to cannabis extracts known today as "Rick Simpson Oil" (RSO). The production of this new documentary has gained support from crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Patreon.

The Simpson Foundation recognizes the difficulty of organizing a successful film-related crowdfunding campaign. They are passionate about making the film and demonstrating Rick's fight against cancer and how he now helps others overcome their illnesses.

Following up on an earlier documentary

Rick and his team are already familiar with the field of documentary filming. In 2008, they released "Run From The Cure," a documentary about Rick's pursuit to treat his illness with hemp oil and the challenges he faced while promoting it to other patients.

The film also featured the historic Rick Simpson trial on September 10, 2007, interviews with witnesses who supported Rick before the Supreme Court of Canada, and an interview with a man who used hemp oil to cure his disease.

Sharing a medical journey

Rick Simpson is a Canadian cannabis advocate who was instrumental in developing full-extract cannabis oil. He sustained a head injury in 1997 after falling from a ladder while working. Doctors later diagnosed him with post-concussion syndrome, and no prescription medication relieved his symptoms.

Rick decided to explore medical cannabis in 1998 after watching a documentary about it. The hemp oil worked and made it simpler for him to relax and sleep.

Later in 2003, Rick was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. The news of a National Cancer Institute study showing that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) kills cancer cells in mice convinced him to give full-extract cannabis oil a shot in his fight against cancer. He administered the oil straight to the affected area and then covered it with a bandage. A few days later, when he removed the bandage, he saw that the affected area had healed.

Over time, he learned how the high THC concentration of this oil might treat various illnesses, including cancer, and started his campaign for it. The Rick Simpson Foundation produced this new documentary to shed new light on Rick's experience with cannabis and inform millions of patients.