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Why Financial Analysts Need Vocal Tone Analysis According To Helios Life Enterprises CSO Dr Gerwin Schalk

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Adapting the use of AI in financial services has been growing in popularity in recent years. Forbes reports that over 70% of financial services firms use machine learning in their operations. The relationship between AI and finance is expected to continue developing.

Helios Life Enterprises has impacted AI's adaptability into the finance industry and has garnered a lot of attention from financial analysts in America. Their new vocal tone intelligence technology will redefine how finance is approached in the coming years.

What is voice tone intelligence?

Helios is the market leader in providing voice tone intelligence. Their technology allows financial analysts to analyze the tone of someone's voice, which can detect the emotions and state of mind of the subject being reviewed.

The Helios Voice Summation Indicator (VSI), a volatility index that exclusively employs voice tone to assess market views of corporate communications, was recently announced by Helios in an article that appeared on Nasdaq. Helios' internal algorithm generates a daily index value that is used to estimate the future 30-day annualized volatility.

"Tonal analysis techniques can extract, on a millisecond level, different characteristics of the tone of the voice that, together, paint a comprehensive picture of the thoughts and opinions of a person," Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Dr Gerwin Schalk shares.

This technology, according to Schalk, translates a person's voice into valuable data. Helios can recognize and extract many parts of a person's voice tone, providing a complete picture of their ideas and opinions.

Why financial analysts need this technology

Analyzing vocal tones provides another source of information for financial analysts that can't be easily manipulated. Most press releases from big corporations are heavily doctored and are almost useless for grabbing insights. Vocal tones tell another story.

"Helios represents a brand new channel within the alternative data community," Schalk shares. "This fundamentally enhances the analysis of corporate communication and allows financial analysts to understand the full message."

Their service revolves around the fact that words only account for a fraction of human communication. The tone of voice is an important passive indicator of what someone thinks, and has been shown to account for 40% of communication. Tonal analysis can be combined with textual analysis, natural language processing (NLP), and sentiment analysis to intelligently connect more complex and unstructured data features.

Helios' vocal tone AI technology gives financial analysts an advantage when making investment decisions and advising clients. Their solution offers insights that standard text-based analysis can't provide.

Quickly becoming a staple in financial services

Helios and their technology are quickly making a name for themselves in finance and tech. The company reports that more professionals are adapting their technology when making investment decisions, leading to special recognition from TechCrunch as a StartUp Battlefield Honoree.

Helios provides insights on more than 4,500 equities in the United States, and the company isn't stopping there. It also provides vocal tone insights on a global scale by leveraging Deepgram's Automated Speech Recognition platform for non-English speaking global equities. This will give financial analysts insights for the global equities it covers. With the financial markets being as volatile as they have been of late, Helios' unique brand of financial insights is well-positioned to thrive in 2023.

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