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10 Food & Farming Companies to Watch - Entrepreneur's Brilliant 100

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From delivery to minimizing waste, these smart and farming startups help us make the most of every meal and morsel.

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1. Eatsa's fully automated eatery offers meat-free fast food without cashiers or servers.

2. Bright Cellars, a "Pandora of wine,' built a personalized wine-matching algorithm to help match wine lovers with their next favorite bottle.

3. MintScraps tracks how much food restaurants toss, helping companies calculate potential savings or even spot real-time trends.

4. Maple, a food-delivery startup in Manhattan, works with top chefs to deliver fresh meals -- a major office lunchtime upgrade.

5. Reserve's digital concierge service works with in-demand restaurants to get you the impossible reservation. And if it can't, it will suggest available tables at restaurants of similar quality.

6. Danish Amass finds creative -- and delicious -- ways to use food that used to be trashed each night. As an example, chef Matt Orlando has started using coffee grounds to make crackers.

7. As demand for organic crops continues to outpace supply, Mercaris uses market data to tell farmers what the true price of their crops will be -- now and in the future -- and can connect buyers and sellers.

8. With more startups using crickets to help solve the global food crisis -- they're high in protein! -- Tiny Farms is building a high-tech industrial farm to optimize the breeding process and supply the bugs.

9. By using restaurateur Nick Kokonas's Tock, restaurants nationwide can sell tickets to experiences -- special events, tastings and so on.

10. Dutch Institute of Food & Design is the first structured, international community for food designers -- promoting improvements in materials, practices, services and systems.

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