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4 Expert-Backed Public Speaking Tips for Entrepreneurs Remember, your opening is king. It's crucial to engage and capture people's attention from the start.

By Aytekin Tank

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"Aytekin, I have no idea what he's saying," my friend Sam whispered under her breath. We were watching a lengthy slide presentation at a business conference, and nearly every word coming out of the presenter's mouth was laced with jargon.

He used terms like core competency, low-hanging fruit, and gain traction. The slides themselves were also hard enough to decipher, full of figures and stats.

What we desperately needed at that moment was a translator to put all of this into some kind of understandable context. As a CEO, I've become accustomed to attending more presentations like these than I'd prefer. It's one of the biggest hurdles I've seen in the business world: leaders struggling to break down their thoughts into easy, translatable ideas.

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