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4 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Stand Out From Your Competition The most effective and practical methods may be hidden right in front of you.

By Matt Fore Edited by Heather Wilkerson

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

When you're a male penguin it's difficult to impress the ladies with your attire. Even in the most exclusive sectors of penguin society, the black and white combination has been done to death. To inspire the hen of your dreams, you'll need that "special something" to distinguish yourself from the rest of the colony.

The emperor penguin has developed a skill that allows him to do just that. He stands out above the rest. He marches past the masses of mirrored images and conducts business with a niche that is loyal to him. What is his secret and could it be transferred to the business world?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often feel the "penguin syndrome." They squawk a similar sound along with the competition, lost in a sea of noise, and they vie for enough sustenance to survive. How could they stand out above the rest and develop a loyal tribe of buyers when their larger competition can outspend them on advertising and greatly reduce their cost?

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