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5 Tips to Promote CSR Without Bragging Nobody likes a showboat. Here's a better way to highlight your company's good deeds.

By Kevin Xu

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Your company wants to do more good. Great! But when a company aligns itself with a corporate social responsibility (CSR) cause, it isn't just taking on a random issue. This process is as precious as a product launch, needing almost constant attention.

As with any service rollout, how you present it is crucial. You want to be informative and persuasive without laying it on too thick with braggadocious language about the initiatives.

Promoting CSR is as much about educating the public as it is about creating a buzz. Education creates awareness, which can ultimately lead to advocacy. And people will happily embrace socially conscious businesses if they like their vibe. According to the Conscious Consumer Spending Index, about 46 percent of customers expect to boost their spending with conscious companies — up 15 percent from a 2019 report.

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