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6 Founders Share What Still Scares Them About Entrepreneurship -- and How They Push Past These Fears Running a business is scary -- and parts of it will always be scary.

By Entrepreneur Staff

This story appears in the April 2018 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Michele Marconi

Launching a business is scary, and sometimes running one is even scarier. That's why we asked six seasoned founders: What piece of entrepreneurship still terrifies you, and how do you face it?

1. The money man

"I'm petrified of my accountant. Coming from a creative background, I've long managed to avoid dealing with finances. Now as CEO of a denim brand, I have to manage P&L statements and ensure that we are optimized at every level. Setting a standing appointment with my accountant every two weeks has made it a little less intimidating. Plus, every morning I check the previous day's sales so we can actively adjust spend in real time and make smarter decisions."
-- Sarah Ahmed, founder and CEO, Warp + Weft

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